What do I need to power the Lumia 5.1 LED

I really want to get the Lumia 5.1 because of its simple design that allows me to control the overall color I want in a nice tight package but I do not know how to power it.  What all do I need?


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    Milad Sakiani

    Lumia 5.1The Lumia 5.1 is one of the hottest selling full spectrum LEDs because of its fine tune controls of each channel and small footprint that produces no disco.

    Cheapest method is to use:


    and to power those LDDs you can use 1x

    However, this doesnt give you dimming capabilities unless you connect it to a PWM controller of some sort


    For more of a fine tune method that allows full control of the channels easily, you can use

    3x with 700mA LDDs (included in the options when ordering)


    This way you can connect each channel (color) of the Lumia 5.1 on a different LDD and fine tune it with a dimming knob.  If you have a fan, you can also plug them into the MakersDRIVERs  (no additional power needed for fan).  The MakersDRIVER will also tell you if the fan fails by flashing the lights.  You also can dim the MakersDRIVERs with a APEX or MakersCONTROLLER since the unit is APEX Ready.

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    I see your recommending 5, 700ma drivers, why not use the 1000ma for the royal blue and neutral whites?
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    Milad Sakiani

    Hi Tim


    For the CREE Lumia 5.2 you can use 1000mA drivers for CH2 (RB) and CH3 (NW)

    The above information using the 700mA drivers is mainly for the Lumia 5.1

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    Chris Howell

    Hi Milad,

    If I want to run two of these over a planted tank what is the best way to drive and control them?

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    Milad Sakiani

    HI Chris

    Currently the best way is to use a 5up driver with meanwell LDDs

    A good walk through on an install is located here:

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    Zachary Holtmeyer

    I would like to run 3 Lumia 5.2s over my 65g reef tank. What is the most efficient way to drive them and have dimming ability?

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    What size is your 65g tank, Zachary? Typically they're 36x18x24 LWH, and if that is the case, you'll only need two of the 5.2, in which case the easiest connection and control would be the 5up MakersDriver pro, one 180w power supply, 3x LDD-700H, 2x LDD-1000H (the 1000 will control CH2 and CH3), and the MakersController. For more advanced control and a less expensive option, you can use the same LDD and power supply, but the Coralux 5up board and the Storm or Storm X controller, the only caveat is that they are a less finished look and more difficult to hook up, but if you've got a little experience with electronics, it should be a piece of cake. :)


    If you are set on needing three of the 5.2, then you need double the amount of LDD, one more Coralux 5up board or MakersDriver 5up, and the 250w power supply. You would need to run one of the 5.2 on one set of drivers, and the other two in series on the other set.

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    Andrew Adair

    I'm looking for DIY LEDs for a future nano I'm going to do. I want to do the Fluval Edge 6g, would one of these be to much light for that tank? Also, would this be the ONLY chip that I would have to run over it? Thank you

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    I have a 72" long x 40" deep x 22.5" front to back tank. How many of the lumia 5.2s do I need for my reef tank?
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    Jason Kennedy

    can one makersdriver 5up run 2 lumina 5.1s?

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    Ernesto Militi

    hi but if i use 5 driver 1000 for cree lumia 5.2 what happens???

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    Milad Sakiani



    for a 6 foot tank you can use 3 Lumia 5.2s for lower light corals or 6 Lumia 5.2s if you have SPS



    The 5.1s need two makersdriver 5ups.  If you get the 5.2 Lumias   then you can put two in series on 1 5up.



    1000mA drivers are fine for the 1000mA channels but ideally you want 700mA drivers for the 700mA channels so there is no risk of overdriving the channels.

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